BLOG TOUR: The Captive by Deborah O’Connor

Wow. This intriguing, unusual and fast-paced thriller kept me hooked throughout, with characters that were easy to connect to and a plot easy to get invested in.

Hannah knows the cage intimately. Small, the size of a shopping centre parking space. A bed, a basin, a table and chair. A hatch and metal drawer through which to exchange food and other items.
Then there’s him. Always there on the edges of her vision, no matter how hard she tries to block him out.
Every day, the same thoughts run through Hannah’s mind:
What if he speaks to me?
What if he hurts me?
What if he gets out?

This is one of the most interesting concepts I’ve read recently, and it certainly had me hooked from the start. The prisoner, locked in Hannah’s own house, accused of a crime that greatly affected Hannah herself. It’s fascinating, and wonderfully different.

What’s particularly good about this is that both characters are easy to connect to, and the way O’Connor writes is excellent. She’s at her best when writing about the inner thoughts of Hannah, who comes across as caring yet confused, in turmoil and desperate for a solution. It really gripped me throughout the whole book.

Jem, the prisoner, is also written extremely well, and here is where some secrets start appearing. Trust is an important theme throughout this book, cropping up in different ways and at different times, and Jem often prompted me to question whether I could trust him. Again, O’Connor’s writing is excellent, keeping me guessing right until the end.

The plot isn’t forgotten about despite the excellent character writing. It keeps on building, getting more tense and slowly more hints of something shocking are revealed. The ending is excellent, full of suspense and yet fast-paced, right up until the point of reveal.

This is a one-of-a-kind, unusual and thrilling book, that will keep you hooked right until the last page.

The Captive
Deborah O’Connor
Zaffre, 7th January 2021

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