A blog (and life) update!

I have finally, FINALLY, updated my blog design!

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while. I want to have a blog that best reflects me and my content – and I also want a pretty blog that motivates me to write for it. Putting in the time and effort to revamp my blog’s appearance and starting to draft some posts that aren’t reviews has been really fun. Having a blog that didn’t look as nice as I wanted didn’t make me want to write anything for it, so I’m so pleased I finally got round to this.

So, apart from updating my blog, what else have I been up to?

This year, like everyone else, hasn’t quite gone to plan. For one thing, I’m back living at home with my parents. Living in London wasn’t the best thing for me during lockdown so I came back home to the Hertfordshire countryside and to be honest, I’ve loved it. Sure, I miss my independence and having a bit more of my own space but after a tricky and stressful start to the year, I’ve really valued being with my family for a bit.

In terms of work, I was one of the lucky ones who didn’t get furloughed. I work at a small company so it was never really on the table, but I definitely needed that routine to get me through the worst bit of lockdown back in April. Having something to get up for at 9am and occupy me through the day was what I needed, especially before I moved back home. The last few months have actually been really busy – we launched a new contest, I’m still creating the monthly magazine, and we’ve continued to focus on our digital presence and social media platforms. It’s been fun!

I also joined the SYP London branch as one of the Events Coordinators this year. At the beginning of the year we organised a really fun Coffee & Cake social which I enjoyed, but obviously COVID-19 soon put a stop to events like that… So we launched the Career Cafes, an excellent series of events which have focused on different departments within publishing including editorial, marketing, design, sales and the rest. I’ve been helping the Social Media Manager (the wonderful Hope) with collecting all the info and getting it on the website while she creates the Twitter announcements, and I also live-tweeted nearly all of the panels! It was great to see how the committee came together to put on these events and I enjoyed being able to contribute to the team in this way. Plus, the panels were super interesting so do check out some upcoming blog posts on each panel, like this one!

I also joined Ta Voix as an editor and the admin team working on social media. Ta Voix is a new magazine for hopeful writers and what’s great about it is that no editor or writer will ever be turned away. If you want to edit, you can join! If you want to write, submit! Our team of editors offer feedback and writers work off that. It’s been lovely seeing the first issue come to life behind the scenes and I can’t wait for it to be published in September.

Back in June, I answered a tweet about another new magazine being launched. In July, the first issue of The Publishing Post was launched and received incredible reception. I’m on the Highlights in the Charts team, writing and editing reviews about bestsellers. So far I’ve reviewed The Vanishing Half and Hamnet, and next on my review list is The Family Upstairs.

In a final bit of news, I was recently interviewed for The Publishing Profile about books I’ve read recently and what else is on my bookshelf! I was really pleased to be asked to do this and had a lot of fun as well, so you can check the interview out here.

Stay tuned for some new posts – I won’t be just doing reviews anymore and I have a few fun posts planned over the next few weeks! See you soon!

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